Events organized by the reseaRch network


March 11: Workshop
Sinologist (China Expert) Henrik Nyquist presents Chinese political philosophy and ethics
MF, Oslo


October 29: Workshop
Svein Jåvold and Atle Søvik presenting article on hybrid self
Einar Duenger Bøhn resenting paper on information
MF, Oslo

September 24: Workshop
Leonora Bergsjø presenting article on AI ethics and global challenges
Discussing of research proposal
MF, Oslo

May 28: Workshop
Magnus Stavik Rønning presenting dissertation chapter on robots and agency
Discussion of Chalmers article on implementation
MF, Oslo

April 30: Workshop
Atle Søvik and Svein Jåvold presenting article on definitions of technology
Discussion of Luciano Floridi’s article on mindless morality
MF, Oslo

March 19: Workshop Zoom
Einar Duenger Bøhn presenting article on the moral Turing Test.
Aku Visala presenting article on manipulation
MF, Oslo


November 27: Workshop
Einar Duenger Bøhn presenting forthcoming book
on philosophy of technology
MF, Oslo

November 5: MF CASR
Dag Hareide presenting his recent book Mennesket og teknomaktene
MF, Oslo

October 23: Workshop
Dag Hareide presenting his recent book Mennesket og teknomaktene
MF, Oslo

June 5: Anthology seminar
Participants presenting papers
MF, Oslo

March 5-6: International workshop
Artificial Morality and Causality
University of Agder, Kristiansand

January 31: Anthology seminar
Discussion seminar: Shannon Vallor: Technology and the virtues
MF, Oslo


May 23-24: First meeting in the TechPhil research network
MF, Oslo